ALL Workshops

Our teachers work with small or large groups in schools, clubs, small businesses, and corporations. Below is a list of the workshops that are ready to go.

We are also composing workshops in the areas of nature art, dreamwork, puppet design, musical improv, female empowerment, body positivity, creativity through spirituality, and nutrition.



Dive in the storytelling secrets, sharpen your drawing skills, explore the confines of your imagination as you gain tools to tell your story to your audience.

Engagement at work

Can’t we just enjoy our jobs? Yes! We already know how to fix this. The last 40 years of social science research point to 7 key elements that every human needs for full engagement and happiness in their lives and work. When leaders and teams start using these elements everything about their work gets better, easier, and more fulfilling.

English Energizer for Teachers

Are you an English teacher and would you like:

  • to keep your English in shape?

  • to get a chance to ask questions you have about grammar, materials or behavioral problems in class?

  • to exchange materials and get inspiration for your classes?

Expressive arts workshop

An expressive arts workshop that focuses on values and exploring your ideal self, while giving you new found ways to implement inner connection and ways to work through obstacles. We focus on movement, art, and writing as therapeutic processes.

Happiness Workshops

One-off sessions in which we explore different components of happiness together. Gwyneth brings her knowledge from her studies in Positive Psychology, life experience and teaching methods together to facilitate spaces where we can discuss, share, and take home valuable tips for improving your life.

Lightsaber Workshop

Instruction based on real fighting styles and martial arts principles, utilizing both dueling and choreography taught by Sebastien Martineau Sensei, 3rd Dan Aikido with 14 years Fencing experience.

Mask Making workshop

We will journey inside to discover what wants to come forth from the unseen to be seen. We will sketch it down and think about the design, materials we would like to use, etc. Then we will create a mask, based on these discoveries. During the last part of our time together we will listen to our mask whispering its message to us, lending us its energy and let it guide us to our new understanding of that human, divine aspect of ourselves.

Ugly Stick Workshop

Make a recycled musical instrument and learn to play it along with music.

Yoga in Nature

This Fun, energetic, relaxing and transformative event is a great way to introduce the whole school to the benefits of Yoga.

Zoetrope Workshop

A zoetrope is one of several pre-film animation devices that produce the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion.