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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

-Our Mission, Intent, and Aim-

Inspiring global self-awareness, happiness, and health by sharing Art, Language and Life skills through fun, compassion, and creativity. 


  • …dreaming big and evolving through learning.

  • …being positive, passionate, and grateful.

  • …inspiring and being inspired.

  • …welcoming abundance.

  • …honoring our words with action.

  • …celebrating life.

"After that description some of this feels a little ungrounded, because in some ways we are immortal -- we are literally made of immortal stuff, from moment to moment. In other ways we're so ephemeral we can't even conceive of it. We are the Earth, the Earth is us, in a very short amount of time, constantly...There is something that remains." The wisdom of life accumulates using cells, oragnisms and ecosystems into DNA, epigenetics, and behavior. In the same way, the mind accumulates into a collective consciousness. "We don't really have good language for this yet. As a discipline, this is new territory for the human race."(1) Whether we recognize it or not we are all the explorers and creators of this new territory.

new territory

In life, each of us is a teacher and a student of these new technologies of the mind and technologies of being. Mindfulness is the decision to be aware of and to strive to improve your understanding of and contribution to this new space.

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...is not obscure or exotic. It’s familiar to us because it’s what we already do, how we already are. It takes many shapes and goes by many names. You don’t need to change. Solutions that ask us to change who we are or become something we’re not have always failed us. Mindfulness recognizes and cultivates the best of who we are as human beings.

...is not a special added thing we do. We already have the capacity to be present, and it does not require us to change who we are. We can cultivate these innate qualities with simple practices that are scientifically demonstrated to benefit ourselves, our loved ones, our friends and neighbors, the people we work with, and the institutions and organizations that we take part in.

...has the potential to become a transformative social phenomenon. Why?

  • Anyone can do it. Mindfulness practice cultivates universal human qualities and does not require anyone to change their beliefs. Everyone can benefit and it’s easy to learn.

  • It’s a way of living. Mindfulness is more than just a practice. It brings awareness and caring into everything we do—and it cuts down needless stress. Even a little makes our lives better.

  • It’s evidence-based. We don’t have to take mindfulness on faith. Both science and experience demonstrate its positive benefits for our health, happiness, work, and relationships.

  • It sparks innovation. As we deal with our world’s increasing complexity and uncertainty, mindfulness can lead us to effective, resilient, low-cost responses to seemingly stubborn problems.


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