UP4ALL Teacher Training

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Teachers are in a uniquely privileged position to affect the future – through the behavior, opportunities, and education that we bring into the lives of those we teach.

Trainings Currently Available

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Health and well-being At work


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Montessori methods in Your school


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Team building and personal development


UP4ALL teachers’ admire and personally experience the compassion it takes to commit to teaching.  We also appreciate the unique stressors, challenges and difficulties that come with it.

We make it easy and fun for teachers to develop their skills in

  • managing stress

  • maintaining enthusiasm and creativity

  • maintaining high energy levels

  • conscious and effective communication

  • peace of mind, clear decision making, and confidence

  • classroom and behavior management

  • relaxation and personal well-being

  • positive thinking and problem solving

Details for School Administrators

These seminars are each offered in one, three, and six hour formats.

They must be scheduled in advance to ensure that the teacher is available.

Contact us using the JOIN US button OR email us at mail@UP4ALL.org