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Summer Camp @ INTERCAMP KOTVA Braník
July 8-14 and July 14-22

U ledáren 1557/1,
Praha 4 – Braník,147 00

1 Week Overnight camp (2 sessions)

When -
           8/7/18 13.00 - 14/718 11.00
           14/7/18 13.00 - 22/7/18 11.00

           7-day English, Active Natural Summer Camp

           practice English through fun in the active outdoors

           Lisa, Ross, Santiago, Sebastien, Alex, Ian, Emily, Andy, Noah, Ian,             Mick, MIKE, CALLUM, Desi?

                // ALEKSANDER // BRIGITTE // IAN // KATERINA // LISA // 

                // PADDY // SANDRA // SANTIAGO // SEBASTIEN //

Drop off Sunday Afternoon to put up tents, hang hammocks, sign in, and relax
Pick up on the following Saturday before noon

           3950 czk


Basic Schedule

Mornings - Fresh Start

  • Prepare a healthy, nutrient packed breakfast together (porridge, fresh fruit, nuts, breads and cheeses)
  • Small Group Activities: football, hooping, diablo, devil sticks, tennis, volleyball, art, blades/skate parks, spinning, improv games, problem-solving activities

Afternoons - 

  • Eat lunch in the on-site restaurant - classic Czech food
  • Large Group Activities: canoeing (+100kc), Earthships, comic workshop, dance/singing coach, gaming challenge/discussion, hiking, rope maze/climb (100kc), yoga, art, Ugly stick making

Evenings -

  • Food prep and campfire songs, live musicians, juggling, beat boxing, storytelling, fire dancing

UP4 will provide:

  • three meals per day
  • art supplies
  • sports equipment
  • hammocks
  • canoes and kayaks
  • variety of daily workshops and lessons in nature
  • Professional photography shared as a souvenir

Campers should bring their own:

  • tent and sleeping bag
  • sports equipment
  • scooters and roller skates
  • recycled goods for crafting
  • for the Ugly Stick
    • one (or two) old shoes or boots
    • a stick or old broom handle (~1m long)

Please REGISTER with deposit of 1500 BY 10/6/2018


More Info on Camp Kotva --

On-site resources:
- courts (volleyball, football-tennis (nohejball)
- table tennis the immediate vecinity:
- cycle path (15 km)
- bike to city center (20 min)
- roller-skate path
- golf course

...within 10 minutes, by tram (public transportation - trams # 3 and 17) :
- Plavecký stadion Podolí (swimming pool)
- Žluté lázně ("Yellow" relax centre)
- tennis courts "Dvorce"


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