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About Santiago Slabý


The Comic Book Life

I am interested in offering you a range of art workshops specialized in narrative.

I found out not very long ago that I'm quite good engaging with kids in matters of teaching. Even though I have some basis on Pedagogic Studies, I surprised myself recently. Having a refreshing sense of fun (on both parties), plus parents feedback which was definite.

It is my primary objective not necessarily to help give shape to a future artist, but by shaping an improved storyteller, I get to train a person  with a developed  sense of communication who will achieve to make a group of people empathize with their message. This is a much higher form of “show and tell”; in a world that is hyper-communicated, children are from early age shocked (not stimulated) with amounts of information and most of it is wrongly expressed and misinterpreted. A proper education in time, going back into the basics of visual imagery plus text, will allow the student to be better prepared in a stream of chaos. Besides, the artistic sensitivities are sharpened in a cool way the kids can recognize from the pop culture they consume daily.

I have been working professionally in the visual arts the past 15 years (and studying in different disciplines the past 23), providing storyboards and concept art for filmmakers and then producing animations for advertising companies and also doing my own independent production of comics and animated short films.

Santiago Slabý