workshop: LightSabers and Aikido

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Aikido is a Japanese martial art, sometimes called the Art of Peace. Like most Japanese arts, Aikido is very rich and complex, many benefits can be attained early on, and they only deepen with time and practice.

Specifically, physical benefits of Aikido practice include increased balance, coordination, reaction, and sense of timing; improved posture, flexibility and aerobic conditioning; a greater awareness of our bodies and how we express ourselves through our bodies; and a more relaxed and confident presence.

Mental benefits include this increased self-awareness and relaxation; better ability to resolve conflicts and deal with stressful situations in a calmer and more positive manner; greater self-confidence and self-discipline; and the constant challenge of self-development and learning new skills.

Students can use Aikido to improve their own quality of living; to break or change old habits and conditioning; to see things with greater clarity and perceptiveness; and to have a greater intuitive understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Why Lightsabers?

The lightsabers are optional. All of the workshops below can be based on Aikido alone or include lightsabers. When they are included, elements of sword fighting and choreography are taught, and another layer of games is added. We have found that the sabers can add even more accessibility and engagement to the development work, by giving the students something in popular culture to which they can easily relate the learning.

Similar to yoga, we offer 4 different aikido modalities -


Every child in the School can attend an aikido class for only 100 czk each. Information or pamphlet can be provided to the school to send home to parents.  A class will be offered during school hours as a curriculum activity for English or Physical Education.

Maximum number of children per class is 60, but 30 is our recommended maximum.

After School Aikido Club at Tchaiovna

A 30-week course for kids combining English, Aikido, and Movement Games. 1-hour session offered through Družina

4000kc per year, 2000kc payable Sept, 2000kc payable Jan. Max 10 children.

UP4ALL pays to rent space from the school to host event on site

Aikido for Teachers

We admire and know the compassion it takes to commit to teaching.  How can we sustain our enthusiasm, manage stress and attain high energy levels while dealing with the pressures of our personal life and the expectations of the current education system?

There are 3 levels of our Aikido for Teachers Workshop


In this introduction, you will learn breathing techniques, centring and active relaxation, which are possibly the most powerful things you can learn for dealing with stress and pressure overall health and wellbeing.  We will also demonstrate a few exercises that can change your energy levels and ability to think positively and creatively. This session is similar to an introduction to mindfulness.


The first hour will include centering, breathing techniques, active relaxation and basic exercises for increased wellbeing, before we move we on to discuss the implications of Aikido for relations and creative living.


The first half of the day will be as described above.

The second half of the day will introduce daily routines and practical tools for home and in the classroom to transform your wellbeing and that of those with whom you work.  The idea is to give you quick and effective self-management tools that can be practiced anywhere, in any situation.

We will also teach you how to teach children some of the tools you learn, including breath awareness and meditation.

The benefits of these tools include improvements in clarity and decisiveness, creativity, relaxation, vitality, enthusiasm, unique self expression, effective communication, empowerment, confidence, self-belief, empowerment and worthiness, inner Peace, positivity, mental, emotional and physical health. Also, helping you to decrease levels of stress, anxiety, depression, conflict, pain, illness, confusion, anger, fear, judgement.

We can create a sustainable future for our children through sustainable techniques for health and wellbeing.

Corporate or Business Retreat Day

Reach your full potential! — This fun, energetic, relaxing, and life-changing programme teaches you the tools to achieve incredible results for your business.  The tools will empower you to reach your full potential in all areas of your life, including health, stress management, positive resolution, decisiveness, focus, efficiency, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and so the list goes on.

There are no limits on the number of people per session.  We can schedule the day into several shorter workshops to cover different groups if required.

We will consider the…

  • Effect of stress, positive or negative, on performance

  • Concept of Energy Management

Practical Tools for…

  • Strengthening nervous system and endocrine system

  • Dealing with pressure and stress

  • Managing mental, emotional, and physical health

  • Increasing mental capacity and overall vitality

  • Creating positive thoughts and actions

  • Leading and cooperating

Finally we will discuss…

  • Managing challenges

  • Group values and conscious creativity

This incredible workshop combines eastern philosophy and western science to teach you the tools to sustaining vitality and success – reach your full potential.

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