workshop: Mask Making

mask making workshop.jpg

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4 Modules:

  1. Dreamtime - guided phantasy journey, sketching , mask making, material choices

  2. Sculpting the mask

  3. Painting and adorning

  4. Finishing adorning + Story Creation/mask whisperer

Reflection: what is the mask telling us/doing with us?

Basic materials are included, additional fees may apply after we decide on the adornments we would like to create for our masks. Ex. Feathers, beads, ribbons, fabrics, etc. Please bring an old T-shirt that can get dirty whilst creating.

About Brigitte Dörnerová -

Creatress of Things and Characters

Sometimes we need to step out of our mundane hassles and into the nonphysical realm to reconnect so we understand, or better, remember, who we are, where we come from and where we’re heading.

We carry deep ancestral knowing within us, archetypical wisdom, that can help us understand why we are doing what we are doing and can guide us to find answers and support for new directions we might want to take. A mask can serve as a gatekeeper of that knowledge, a persona, either of a guide to support us or an energy that we would like to integrate into our own behavioral patterns.

WHO I AM: Self-taught artist, Creatress of Things, aspiring art director, new born director, Dragon, Cat and book lover, vegetarian Vampire, Story Keeper and Bone Collector. I do believe in love and miracles, nature is my religion, the keeper of my sanity, I talk and howl to the moon, collect stones and bones and would love to bring all that together in a satisfying, fulfilling, creative way that hopefully also inspires others to trust their own beautiful inner wilderness...

WHAT I DO: Providing mask workshops, developing a puppet based body positivity project for women, working for theater and film, creating puppets, masks, props and set pieces, drawing, providing adult and kids workshops on request, and self poking a new tattoo every now and then... Regular hunts on flea markets for funny, old objects that could be transformed into little quirky characters rank high on my priority list.

My new virtual home WomanlyWilderness will go live soon, in the meantime you can find more about me on my current website