workshop: Happiness


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6 weeks to a happy life

Thursday evenings for 6 weeks, beginning January 24, 2019

Bringing together experience from previous workshops surrounding issues of happiness, meaning, confidence and connection, this 8-week course will help you to better understand yourself, your feelings and thoughts, and to start reconnecting to yourself and others around you. Learn to create more authentic, meaningful relationships, find out what you want from life, and to start living more in line with who you really are. The workshops will attempt to balance the experiential, qualitative nature of life with a more scientific, pragmatic approach, meaning that as well as exploring our personal stories and feelings, we will look at research from psychology and neuroscience.

Who am I? Understanding yourself, your personality, your emotions and thoughts

What is happiness? What we’re aiming for, different types of happiness and well-being

Managing stress and negative emotions. Recognizing when emotions are unpleasant but useful! 

The inner critic - how to handle that voice in your head that won’t stop bringing you down!

Confidence and self-love: taking what we’ve learnt so far to the next level. 

Relationships - how to build deep, authentic connections with the people in your life (and those you don’t know yet). Finally, setting goals that last for future progress.

Evening Workshops @ A MAze in Tchaiovna — By donation

2-hour, one-off sessions in which we explore different components of happiness together. Gwyneth brings her knowledge from her studies in Positive Psychology, life experience, and teaching methods together to facilitate spaces where we can discuss, share, and take home valuable tips for improving your life.

Topics include:

  • What is Happiness?

  • Increasing your Confidence

  • Building Deep Connections

  • Resolving Conflict + Building Peace in your Life

  • How Positive Psychology can make you happier

Reconnecting with Nature, Weekend Retreat


Gwyneth focused her MSc thesis on the interaction between nature and well-being, finding that people who spent just 30 minutes a day in nature were happier and felt a stronger sense of meaning in their lives after just 30 days. Fascinated by the connections between nature, community and well-being, you are invited to join us for 3 days of healing, yoga, nature, and Positive Psychology workshops. Here is a loose idea of the timetable so far:

During these three days, you will learn:

  • How to incorporate nature into your mindfulness practice

  • The basics of positive psychology: the scientific approach to well-being

  • Key ways of improving your mood, no matter where you are

day 1: Arrival (Friday evening), dinner, sharing circle

day 2: Morning - yoga + breakfast. 

Workshop - what is well-being? We look at the toxic influences that are making us sick and learn some valuable techniques from positive psychology that can help us start to eliminate or manage them. 

Lunch + Mindfulness

Workshop: Understanding ourselves and our emotions - how mindfulness can give us a stronger connection with ourselves. 

Dinner + evening yoga / meditation 

Sharing circle / journaling

day 3: Morning - yoga + breakfast 

Workshop: Knowing yourself. How to recognise stressors you may not have even realised and how to manage them.

Mindfulness session with nature: how to bring nature into your practice.


Final sharing circle + thoughts 

Monthly Sharing Circle

Sharing Circles are a unique small-group discussion process in which participants share their feelings, experiences, and insights - usually in response to specific topics, although they can also act as safe spaces to share what is on one’s mind. Sharing Circles are loosely structured, although participants are expected to promote cooperation, effective communication, trust, and confidentiality. In Native American communities, a ‘talking piece’ was often passed around the sharing circle, and recent scientific studies have shown that such circles can reduce stress and increase quality of life.