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About Eva Howlings


Eva is a mixed bag: half Czech/half Danish, but from New England. Lived in Amsterdam, Berlin & San Francisco. She studied anthropology, linguistics and mythology and is an ethnobotany loving polyglot. She is most strongly drawn to "whatever I haven't already done" This has resulted in an unusual and mosaic-like career path, which ultimately led to Prague where - with her husband - she helped start up EXPATS.CZ and now runs a language school and coaching business: LEARN.CZ.

She's worked at all kinds of camps (YMCA, 4H & Girl Scouts), even her own camp experiment called "Kindness Camp", with hiking, singing and sharing. Now she's a troop leader of a US Girl Scout Troop here in Prague, and is excited about helping UP4ALL camps and events.

She adores learning new artistic skills and spreading the knowledge: painting, crafting, upcycling, beading, sewing, journaling, handlettering, mastering world cuisine (and of course - all the traveling required to master such things). She writes and sings compulsively. And can't wait to offer workshops related to all these things.

But what she really, really wants is -

            ...to get better at appreciating and supporting others. 
      ...to draw on the wisdom of the divine inner circle here at UP4ALL. 
...to go deeper into meditation, yoga and chi gong, and explore group spirituality. 

EVA FEELS blessed and honored to take her place among this shining cluster of souls, contributing in whatever way benefits the whole, and learning to be a better person along the way.