workshop: English Energizer

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Are you an English teacher who would you like:

  • to keep your English in shape?

  • to get a chance to ask questions you have about grammar, materials or behavioral problems in class?

  • to exchange materials and get inspiration for your classes?


And you will get even more, because this weekend we will talk about English, about teaching, but it is also about recharging YOUR battery.

Excited to announce we have already prepared a bucket full of games and ideas to share with you, and tons of positive vibes to take home as well.

Corporate or Business Retreat Day

Reach your full potential! — This fun, energetic, relaxing, and life changing programme teaches you the tools to achieve incredible results for your business.  The tools will empower you to reach your full potential in all areas of your life, including health, stress management, positive resolution, decisiveness, focus, efficiency, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and so the list goes on.

There are no limits on the number of people per session.  We can schedule the day into several shorter workshops to cover different groups if required.

We will consider…

  • causes of stress, anxiety and depression

  • causes of ill health/disease

  • causes of low energy levels and depleted resources

Practical Tools for…

  • strengthening nervous system and endocrine system

  • managing mental, emotional and physical health

  • increasing mental capacity and overall vitality

  • creating positive thoughts and actions

Finally we will discuss…

  • managing challenges

  • group values and conscious creativity

This incredible workshop combines eastern philosophy and western science to teach you the tools to sustaining vitality and success.