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About David Papa

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David helps humans play the game of life and work with a full set of internal resources. Imagine if you could handle any situation, connect with anyone, and felt that you always knew what to do? This is possible with internal resources like resilience, intuition, self-coaching, emotional intelligence, spiritual power, and harmonized intention. With these we make better decisions, have better relationships, build better businesses, enjoy our lives a lot more, and create something very special with the time we have here. David has coached hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs to build their internal resources, learn how to coach others, and create highly engaging workplaces using the 7 Levels. His best work comes from speaking and working with groups, where he holds the energy in very unique ways thanks to his hobby as an improv performer. Everything he does combines modern science with ancient spiritual wisdom for our crazy times. David grew up in the US and lives in Prague.

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Workshop: Solve the Engagement Problem at Work

Engagement is a global problem, with over 70% of world employees disengaged. That's billions of dollars of lost productivity, countless creative solutions missed, exacerbated problems at work, more stress for leaders and teams, people constantly looking for another job instead of focusing on their work, and so much missed progress for in our lives, and for humanity. 

Can’t we just enjoy our jobs? Yes! We already know how to fix this. The last 40 years of social science research point to 7 key elements that every human needs for full engagement and happiness in their lives and work. When leaders and teams start using these elements everything about their work gets better, easier, and more fulfilling.

Most leaders are never taught what it takes to truly engage themselves, let alone others. These 7 levels should be standard curriculum in every leadership course. That's why we created this program. We’ve put together the modern science and included some ancient wisdom to empower bold, self-aware, authentic leaders with a framework to create an amazing, highly engaging work culture for themselves and everyone around them. 

There are 2 versions of this workshop: 

The 7 Levels of Highly Engaged Leaders -

separate leaders in one or more organizations come together to learn how to use the 7 levels to change their workplace cultures into places people love to work. Become a leader that people love to work for. 

The 7 Levels of Highly Engaged Teams -

one or more teams come together to go through the 7 levels together, learning how to apply them in their team context. Teams will create a working environment they actually love to be working in. 

Workshop Outline:

If you, or those around you, are not fully and highly engaged at work you have a problem at one of more of the 7 Levels. 

We examine each of the 7 Levels using different exercises and tools for that level. We help you diagnose where you are weak and where you are strong, and what to do about it. 

You will learn how to apply each level for maximum effect in your work context. These are the keys to engagement — use them for good. 

The 7 Levels - and what this looks like at work

  1. Safety - trust / security

  2. Creativity - play / experimentation / innovation

  3. Power - autonomy / self-efficacy

  4. Love - appreciation / belonging 

  5. Self-Expression - speaking truth / using strengths

  6. Insight - constant learning / constant progress

  7. Spirit - meaning / purpose / bigger cause

Do you know how to help yourself and those around you experience each of these 7 key elements?You will after this workshop. 

With This Workshop You Will:

  • Diagnose where you have engagement problems in your team or organisation

  • Create a language your team or organisation can use to productively discuss engagement

  • Learn why each level is so important to engagement and how to strengthen it 

  • Dramatically improve your working culture

  • Dramatically improve your effectiveness as a leader

  • Dramatically improve how engaged, creative, and fulfilled you are in your work

  • Create the capacity to help others become fully engaged

  • Become an asset far beyond your job function, become an engaging leader people love to work with

  • Form a network of others practicing the 7 levels to get ongoing support and help


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