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About Brigitte Dörnerová


The significance of masks and mask-making

Sometimes we need to step out of our mundane hassles and into the nonphysical realm to reconnect so we understand, or better, remember, who we are, where we come from and where we’re heading.

We carry deep ancestral knowing within us, archetypical wisdom, that can help us understand why we are doing what we are doing and can guide us to find answers and support for new directions we might want to take. A mask can serve as a gatekeeper of that knowledge, a persona, either of a guide to support us or an energy that we would like to integrate into our own behavioral patterns.

By trusting our inner guidance, letting go of (artistic) censorship and surrendering to the process we allow ourselves to dive deep: into our beautiful, untamed inner wilderness, being not afraid of our juiciness, resurfacing with a magical bag of unearthed, previously hidden gems and stepping joyfully into our divine muchness (I have a soft spot for –nesses, and this last one is among my most favourites, you will hear it a lot from me! ;-)

Brigitte Dörnerová

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