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Why up4?

Taking the curriculum outside can improve attainment, increase engagement, and develop a wide range of skills including problem solving, communication and resilience. Outdoor learning also provides endless opportunities for experiential, contextual and applied education.

At a time when we are increasingly concerned about the physical and emotional wellbeing of our children and young people, and question whether they will leave education with the skills and competencies they will need for the future, outdoor learning brings with it a range of benefits which are now widely evidenced, acknowledged and accepted.

Outdoor Learning is at its most potent when it is interwoven within the formal school curriculum. We recognize the difficulties in providing this to your students and we want to help.

By taking a holistic view of all the environments available – from school yard to mountain tops – we can maximize the learning potential of such spaces and our students.

Without teachers who are available, confident, and empowered to use the outdoors, these learning opportunities will not be realized to their full potential.

Are you in any of the following situations?

  • I want to maximize learning in my school

  • I want to introduce a range of real life experiences to my students

  • I want to try new ways of managing behaviour

  • I want to motivate my staff or colleagues to use outdoor space and fun for everyone’s benefit

  • My staff or colleagues are worried about time, extra planning, class management, risk management