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About Aleksander Brankov


Food as medicine

Aleksander has a highly diverse background. As an entrepreneurship mentor for high school students, he helped provide them real-world experience before entering university. He was a sales adviser within a leading global sales consultancy company working with companies from across industries, a partnership manager for a leading tech company working with partner companies and helping them grow their business, and a journalist at the University of Ljubljana, at the faculty of economics.

Prior to the 8-year corporate career, Aleksander was leading a team of students working for the largest student run organisation. There, he succeeded at creating and organising events and workshops that bridged the gap for companies looking for new employees and individuals looking to start their careers. On the other hand, members of the organisation as a whole and his team were provided his guidance via internal workshops and conferences, while matching other students with internship positions abroad or helped them find a non-profit volunteer project. In this way, he helped develop their leadership and relationship building skills and kick start their careers.

Currently, he is focused on the food industry, epigenetics, biochemistry and nutrition where his extensive insight gathered in over 2 years of research combined with a personal lifestyle transition of implementing the science into practice inspired him to start sharing the results and helping other people to transition from a “standard western” diet towards an optimal diet.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
— Hippocrates