The Hero’s Journey: Discover Your Own Personal Myth

Choose your own adventure!


  • Provide a medium for freethinking individuals to separate to discover & to connect to SHARe

  • Compel you to follow your bliss & make a life, not a career

  • Explore all aspects of the human condition

  • Question anything & everything that is considered 'normal'

  • Promote the general spread of happiness and love

UP4 stands for people, ideas, and experiences that allow us,
as human beings, to live healthier, FULLER lives.

UP4 is

  • a carefully curated series of peak experiences designed to show you what is truly possible as a human being.

  • transformational events integrating philosophical, psychological, physical, and spiritual practices

  • a loving, accepting environment supporting powerful community, camaraderie, and (re-)connection with self, others, and nature.

Envision your future. We, Earthlings, are envisionaries and imagineers, with the innate capacity to conjure up delightful future possibilities in our minds then pull the present forward to meet those possibilities.

UP4 is a diverse international collective of experts coming together to create, learn, inspire, and be inspired.


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